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---www.ncicap.org--- glenn: hello, america. we will focus on obama, internationalism, graft, and tonight, hidden agendas, and tomorrow, the army that will enforce them. tonight, if you care anything about free speech, you're going to see it crushed in front of your eyes. rush limbaugh will be joining me in a few minutes. if the things in the world just don't make sense, we're going to make sense of it beginning again tonight. come on, follow me. hello, america. we are halfway through the week, and here are the things that we have learned so far, if you're joining us for the first time tonight. first of all, congress is not -- i mean, they're just beyond not reading the bills. they're not even writing the bills. they are being written by a vast network that is not conspiratorial. it is all out in the wide open, but the media refuses to report on them. organizations that are filled with socialists, communists, revoluntionaries, organizations that pull their members, yes, from legitimate businesses, from politicians but also from groups that most americans have never heard of, like "movemen
their patriarch. the last brother from the family that is as close to political royalty as america has ever seen. i'm ed schultz. welcome back to msnbc's continuing coverage of the passing of senator ted kennedy. senator kennedy died in overnight hours in his home surrounded by his family, including his wife and children. nbc's anne thompson is at the kennedy compound in hyannisport, massachusetts, where well-wishers have been gathering since early this morning. anne, any word yet on funeral arrangements? >> ed, we do not know what the funeral plans are. we hope to get that information later today or perhaps as late as tomorrow. we can tell you this morning, we have seen a roman catholic priest drive into the compound. we have seen other various people go into the compound this morning, but we have not seen any family members that we recognize. we do understand that last evening, as the senator's health deteriorated, his extended family gathered here at the family compound at his -- his house which was rose and joe, his parents' house and that when he died, he was surrounded by his immediate fam
confronting their public servants. is that new in america? >> that report showed you and your viewers the sights and sounds of democracy in action. i think that should be applauded and we should say thank you to the people who are standing up to a very bad idea. we have in this tradition an ability for people to fight against ideas they don't like. we want them to do it peacefully and civilly but this should be respected, not criticized. if anybody is undermining the direction of the country it's people like dr. dean who say we should have a new health care system proposed by president obama. sean: interesting to see if the media will call him out on what he just lied about because we saw the tape and heard him with our own ears. 58 democratic senators. obviously byrd and kennedy are not feeling well so i wouldn't expect them to have a town hall but less than a third are willing to go out and meet with the american people. grandmothers, stay at home moms, veterans, concerned citizens. do you think they're hiding from the american people or they're afraid? >> clearly there's been a sca
-- to boost relations between america and of those countries. >> our team coverage continues with kate live in the studio. >> maryland officials highlight senator kennedy's accomplishments, the work he did, and the way he did it. >> i present to this convention, senator edward kennedy. >> she cochaired his 1980 presidential campaign and introduced into the crowd at the national convention. in a conversation on wednesday, she shared memories of her colleague and friend. >> ted kennedy had the courage of his conviction. he had such a great gift of working across party lines. it being willing to compromise without compromising his ideals. that is what he would want us to do now. >> across maryland, leaders pause honor his legacy. >> [unintelligible] >> from the moment of silence at the city hall to the courts in annapolis. >> my condolences go out to the kennedy family, the shriver family, and the towns and family -- townshend family. >> he said, i saw firsthand his dedication to build a society for america. it will be deeply missed. many officials called kennedy a hero and a mentor, including
to promoting fiscal responsibility and addressing key economic challenges facing america's future. >>> good evening. i'm martin savidge. >>> the quest for peace in the middle east has been going on for generations now, and it never seems to get much easier. we got that impression again today after another apparently inconclusive meeting in london between israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and u.s. middle east envoy george mitchell. the two men and the two nations they represent have been searching for months now for a way to resolve their differences over israeli settlements in the west bank. the u.s. has been pushing hard for an israeli settlement freeze, d the palestinians are refusing to restart peace talks until israel halts all construction there. despite their failure to reach agreement again today, the two sides will resume talks in washington next week. both men tried to put the best face on today's talks. >> we've made some headway in the past five months. my government has taken several steps both of word and deed towards peace. and i hope that today and in the coming weeks
he did lives on. for his family, he was a bargain. for america, and he was the defender of a dream. -- for his family, he was of guardian. >> we look at ted kennedy's legacy as the leading liberal in washington. welcome to "bbc world news." , broadcast you our viewers on pbs in america and also around the globe. >> i am mike embley in london. 70% -- 17% of the vote now counted. president karzai edges against his main rival. and one of iraq's influential leaders has died in exile in tehran. >> hello. he was the best known as american politician ever to make it -- never to make it to the white house. senator kidney -- kidnapping -- center -- senator kennedy died after a yearlong battle with brain cancer. he fought for so many causes, and the tributes have flowed in from friend and foe alike. but his career was limited by self-inflicted wounds. adam brooks reports. >> the death of edward kennedy, known as ted, leads a chasm in american politics. hughes was one of the most effective politicians of the last century -- he was one of the most effective politicians of the last century. his
. >>> tonight, i'm going to take the liberty to speak to millions of liberals across america. it's been a sad day in america. we lost our man, senator ted kennedy. lost his battle with brain cancer overnight at the age of 77. every time he was on my radio show, i referred to him as the gladiator. he loved that. he was the gladiator for the people. a fighter, a believer. he fought for labor, for worker's rights, civil rights, human rights and social justice. kennedy was the gold standard when it came to fighting for the working folk of america and he left a huge footprint in this country. he was a champion of the cause, an unselfish man who gave so much to the united states of america. but i will remember him as a fighter. now, there's a lot of talk today about his ability to cross the aisle, his bipartisanship, his work, his friendships but he never compromised his principles. he fought for them passionately. if ted kennedy was on your side, he would be in the trenches with you in the 11th hour. you could count on kennedy. >> we still cannot get a $2.15 over two years. over two years. what is
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at 7:00. don't forget, wusa9.com. a few hours ago this campaign came to an end. >> couric: america mourns the lion of the senate. >> we on this side are interested in protecting american servicemen from the close fire of a civil war. >> couric: the man who carried the torch and the burden of a political dynasty. through triumph, tragedy... >> my brother need not be idealized or enlarged in death what... beyond what he was in life. >> couric: and scandal. >> for this reason i would understand full well why some might think it right for me to resign. >> couric: and leave the legacy of landmark legislation that changed millions of lives. >> the work goes on, the cause endures. the hope rises again and the dream lives on. >> couric: tonight, the life of senator ted kennedy. captioning sponsored by cbs good evening, i'm katie couric. this is the "cbs evening news," there is, of course, no royal family in this country. the kennedys, perhaps, the closest we've ever had. for the past 40 years, senator edward kennedy was the patriarch, the last surviving brother of a political dynasty until
the president took no active part in the campaign, he left in the middle of one of the america's cup races to vote at boston's joy street police station. he had no comment on his brother's victory but political observers were quick to point out that the younger kennedy's race in november will be more than a local issue. >> a man who cares. edward m. kennedy endorsed democratic candidate for the united states senate. >> too many of our senior citizens are being forced to choose between neglecting their ailments or being p auchlt perized by them. >> vote for edward m. kennedy, the endorsed democratic candidate for the united states senate. >> the congress convenience. there are some new faces on capitol hill. among them are 12 new senators. of most interest is senator edward "ted" kennedy, the third brother to achieve success in the national political arena. >> from dallas texas, president kennedy died at 1:00 p.m. central standard time. 2:00 eastern standard time. some 38 minutes ago. >> making a final stop on his tour of ireland, senator edward kennedy finds 100,000 people in the streets t
was the last surviving brother in a dynasty many have said is america's version of the royal family. he continued his decades-long push for mark even after he was too ill to travel back here to washington. more on that and a look back on his life throughout the morning here on fox 5 morning news. >> we just showed you the capitol flags are flying at half-staff today in honor of senator kennedy. tucker is in with a check of our weather. not a bad start to the day, pleasant. >> that is a good word for it. we'll have another great looking daat least as far as sunshine but we'll be on the hot side later this afternoon. there is not a whole lot to see. mostly a good news forecast as we go to view and take a look out tre. outt . you can see that the sunshine sull be bright here. sen i rwi in about a half hour and it should be a great looking day. there you go. clouds off the coast. e the loarcuds off to the north ancwestanuto towards cleveland and detroit. that is a cold front that will get in here tomorrow an give us another opportunity for some showers and thunderstorms. but today, it will
>>> good morning, america. we awake to breaking news, that senator edward kennedy, political giant, lion of the senate, has died. this is what we do.americans. we reach the moon. we scale the heights. i know it. i've seen it. i've lived it. >> the last brother of an american dynasty, slipping away in the night, surrounded by family. a 15-month fight against brain cancer comes to an end. we're live at the kennedy compound with the story of the last days, as america mourns a man who carried the country's passion and pain on his shoulders. >> the cause endures. the hope still lives. and the dream shall never die. >> a special edition of "good morning america," remembering >> a special edition of "good morning america," remembering senator ted kennedy. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> as we say a good, and sad morning to you. diane sawyer with chris cuomo, on this august 26th, 2009. robin is on assignment. we're joined by george stephanopoulos and dr. tim johnson and the abc news team. you're looking live at hyannisport, massachusetts, right now. and the home where senator kennedy di
for some time now, we awaited it with no small amount of dread. >> couric: perhaps nowhere in america is senator kennedy's loss felt more deeply than in boston, the city where his grandfather once served as mayor. national correspondent jim axelrod is there. >> reporter: from the priest saying midday mass at a downtown boston church... >> senator kennedy was a worshiper here and a great supporter of st. anthony's shrine. >> reporter: to new england's high profile superbowl coach. >> i have a lot of personal regret today on the passing of senator kennedy. >> reporter: and everyone in between. >> he was for the rights of everybody. he was for the rights of the disabled. he was for women's rights. he was for the civil rights movement. >> reporter: the people of boston are mourning deeply. for as much as senator kennedy was a player on the world stage, here he was teddy. and teddy belonged to them. reporter and boston native marty nolan covered kennedy for 40 years and wrote today's obituary in the "boston globe." >> he was full of charm and he enjoyed the odd drop after hours and so did
family, he was a guardian. fo america, he was the defender of a dream. >> from a civil rights to batts over health care,e look at ted kennedy' legacy as the leing liberal in washingto welco to "bbc world news" . broadcast pbs here in america. i am -- 17% ofhe votes arnow counted. presiden karznches ahead in e afghanistan election. abl aziz ak-kim has died in exile in tehra >> hello. he s the bestknown american politician never to make it to the white house. senator edward kennedy has died afr a yearlong btle with brai cancer president obama scribed him as "th greatest senator of our time." he hd achieved so much,rom civil ghts to health care reform, and tributlowed in from a political foe a friends alike. this fromur north american editor. >> they called him the last line of the senate. he was the youngest of the kennedy clan who had bece kingmaker d never came, lofty aspirationundermined b deep persal flaws. the united states is in mournin but itis democra to agree thathe most. d by the president. >> he is one othe most accomplished americans er to serve our democcy. his etraordinary
. the extraordinary good that he did lives on. for his family, he was a guardian. for america, he was the defender of a dream. >> from a civil rights to battles over health care, we look at ted kennedy's legacy as the leading liberal in washington welcome to "bbc world news." . broadcast on pbs here in america. i am -- 17% of the votes are now counted. president karzai inches ahead in the afghanistan election. abdul aziz ak-hakim has died in exile in tehran. >> hello. he was the best known american politician never to make it to the white house. senator edward kennedy has died after a yearlong battle with brain cancer. president obama described him as "the greatest senator of our time." he had achieved so much, from civil rights to health care reform, and tributes flowed in from a political foe and friends alike. this from our north american editor. >> they called him the last line of the senate. he was the youngest of the kennedy clan who had become kingmaker and never came, lofty aspirations undermined by deep personal flaws. the united states is in mourning, but it is democrats to agree that th
national party. >> i have come here tonight to stand with you to change america, to restore its future, to rise to our best ideals, and to elect barack obama president of the united states. >> senator ted kennedy in his own words. i'm joined now by wolf blitzer from washington, d.c. this morning. wolf, you have made a career of following politics obviously. this is a very, very big day and one that many people will be certainly very sad about. >> it's one day that all of us were bracing for over the past year since he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. we knew it would come and we knew it would come relatively quickly, given the state of that cancer. he did go to duke university for medical treatment for surgery but the end was obvious to all who studied what was going on and we knew this day would come, a very sad day indeed for all of us. president obama is reacting to the news this morning of senator kennedy's death. our white house correspondent dan lothian is in martha's vineyard where the obamas are vacationing this week. clearly, dan, the president is upset given not only
know education's promise and in all who can pursue their dream in an america that is more equal and more just. >> politicians from both sides of the isle are expressing their sympathies over the loss of ted kennedy. former president george hw bush said today and this is a quote, while we didn't see eye to eye on many political issues through the years, i always respected his steadfast public service. secretary of state, hillary clinton said kennedy inspired generation after generation of young americans to enter public service. the stand up for justice and fight for progress. and british prime minister, gordon brown said even facing illness and death, he never stopped fighting for the causes, which were his life's work. i'm proud to have counted him as a friend. >>> and while with we've known since last year that this day would come, the passing of senator kennedy is still hard on the country and his family. kate baldwin has more from massachusetts. >> reporter: america is remembering senator edward kennedy, whose extraordinary political career spanned nearly a half century. >
that america must sail toward the shores of liberty and justice for all. no, there is no end to that journey, only the next great voyage. we know the future will outlast all of us, but i believe that all of us will live on in the future we make. >> good afternoon from washington, i'm david gregory, we welcome to you this msnbc special, continuing coverage of the death of senator ted kennedy. by now, you probably heard the 77-year-old lion of the senate and patriarch of the kennedy political dynasty died late last night at his home in cape cod on hyannis port after a year-long struggle with brain cancer. today, friends, colleague and leaders worldwide are remembering kennedy as an extraordinary force who worked tirelessly on behalf of the working class and the poor. on capitol hill here in washington, kennedy's home for nearly half a century, the senator, the flags are flying at half staff this afternoon, as are those at the white house and federal buildings across the country. and there are tributes coming in from around the country and the world. former president george w. bush telling nbc
of the questions that we have been asking all week, and get some answers! from new york, good night, america. see you tomorrow. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute ---www.ncicap.org---^ bret: next on "special report" senator ted kennedy dies of brain cancer, and will advocates of healthcare reform try to use kennedy's death to boost their cause? a former c.i.a. inspector general talks about dick cheney's influence in his report on enhanced interrogations and south carolina's embattled governor answered a call from list second in command to step down. all that, plus the fox all-stars, right here, right now. welcome to washington. i'm he bret baier. senator edward kennedy is being remembered are today as an iconic larger than life figure who was the anchor of america's first family of politics. kennedy died tuesday night at his cape cod home a little more than a year after being diagnosed with brain cancer. it was the final chapter in a he very public and often troubled life. >> at the end of our journey and always before us shines that idea
kennedy will be more and not just in america, but on every continent. megyn: major is live from massachusetts with more. good morning. we expect president obama to speak on the senator's passing. put it in perspective for us. this senator was key to this president's election. >> absolutely, good morning. we are at the oak bluffs elementary school. my camera man is going to move the camera so that you can see that the flag is flying at half staff. they are flying that way at the u.s. capitol, all over martha's vineyard, part of a symbolic tribute to, as you said, a senator, a legislator, someone who left a mark not just on american politics, but on this particular president. you asked about logistics', we expect the president to take the microphone at 9:30, his remarks will be about 10 minutes long, talking about his own personal feelings for senator kennedy and placing his death in the ongoing and raging debate in america on health care. we have seen that ted kennedy was an inspiration to those fighting right now in america for health care reform. the democratic national committ
. if it was involved in politics. to the american public he was best known as the last surviving son of america's most glum -- glamorous political family shattered over and over again by tragedy. arnold schwarzenegger and his wife maria say they are saddened by the death of uncle teddy. hours after he died of brain cancer the pair said "it was a shock to our family. kennedy's death came just two weeks after that of maria shriver's mother, eunice kennedy shriver, one of the senator's siblings. >>> impressive, even inspiring to watch him return to work after his cancer diagnosis. >> his passion is what really made him a political icon. for your thoughts we're going to head over to pennsylvania station where we find linda so live. >> reporter: the folks we're talking to say they will remember senator kennedy as a man for the people. he fought for people reforms that have changed life as we know it. the 77-year-old senator died late tuesday at his home in massachusetts after a year of battling brain cancer. he served more than 40 years in the senate and worked vigorously to change civil and voting right
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to a special edition of "america this morning." it was shortly before midnight eastern time when senator ted kennedy lost his valiant battle with brain cancer. >> kennedy guyed at his seaside home in massachusetts, surrounded by his loved ones. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy, and to you, vinita, as well. extraordinarily heavy hearts for the kennedy family here at the kennedy compound, just downed the road behind me. we learned just after midnight this evening, senator ted kennedy succumb to the brain tumor. he spent much of the time these last several months here at the kennedy compound. he's been seen out sailing. though, the family told us in recent days, the bad days have outnumbered the good. there had been some word that his condition had warsened in coming days. the family released a statement just a short time ago, saying edward kennedy, the husband, father, grandfather, husband and uncle, that we loved so deeply, died tuesday night, in hyannisport. the inspiration of his faith, optimism and perseverance will live on in our hearts forever. as you know, just off the coast of massach
in america. >> do you believe the country has the mood right now, given the economic challenges facing us, the loss of equity, the loss of property value, the loss of income, the loss of prospects for their children doing as well as they have in life, given all those pressures they'll willing to be big about health care? >> well, i think they're willing to accept the idea, as ted kennedy would have so enunciated. you must spike the cost of health care for all americans, particularly those who are currently paying the price. ted kennedy would have said five, six, seven years from now, you'll be paying double what you're paying if you leave the system intact as it is today. he would not have gone to the issue of how do you cover people not covered until he developed a relationship with those of us currently picking up the tab. i think that's what mr. obama has to do and he has to do it in memory of ted kennedy. >> is there anyone in the senate right now who might be willing to spend the next 10 or 20 years on how to be ted kennedy. somebody who knows how to be great legislator and can unite
and politically and so forth. >> it's very sad news i think for all the people in america. he did a lot for the people of massachusetts and the people in the u.s. so i always admire him and his work for the people. >> reporte arend we' w hearing more from senator key'ednns ed colleagues heer on capitol ll.e senator john kerry released a statement saying he taught us how toight, how to laugh, how tow reat eh other, and how to turn idealism into action. and in the last 14o months, he taught us much more aboutowlive, live life, sailing into the wind one last time.li house speaker nancy pelosi wrote, senator kennedy had a grand vision for america and an unparaelliedbio a tty effect change. oted in his deep pit advertise many, his abing faith, and his stea g onam as h done more e than satenor knedy h to educate our children,ne care for our seniors, and ensure equality for all americans. and we're expecting to hear much more from his friends and colleagues as the day progresses. but certainly he left quite a mark here on capitol hill and around the country, a very sad day for many. back to yo
as america debates the issue of health care that he fought for right up until the end of his life. born on february #nd, 19 # 2, edward kennedy was the youngest of joe and rose kennedy's nine children but he was des tipped to step from the shadows and lead the kennedy clan through both good times and bad. when john f. kennedy was elected, ather joseph p. kennedy knew who should replace him n 1962, kennedy won a special election and with go on to be re-elected eight times. the kennedy family had its share of tragedy. assassination haming the lives of john f. kennedy in 1963 and robert kennedy in 1968. accolades are going on from around the nation. we will hear from many people who have looked back at 47 years in the united states septa that senator ted kennedy has served. >> we'll have much more throughout the morning. >>> let's get a check on the forecast this morning with tucker barnes. >> we have nice comfortable conditions out there. currently 72 degrees. we will have more heat than yesterday with highs in the u l 90s. still not expecting any showers and thunderstorms. you can see th
him. if everybody else knew what i knew about you. if america knew what you were like, one on one, personally. i would tell people about my encounters with him. just a few. but what a warm, wonderful guy, with a great sense of humor. again, guy on the opposite side politically of me, but a guy with no problem trying to reach out with republicans who used him as a punch line. >> you were talking a while ago about the issue of guns and the second amendment and conservatives and republicans. we don't know what the president is going to say when he steps up in front of the cameras at 9:30 or there abouts. one thing you can say about ted kennedy, take it to the bank truth, he was a man without cynicism. he was a man with no hate in his heart. in this day and age, when the bloggers and some of the cable chatter and the divisions in this country is so deep at that level, at the media level and the things that were written and said about him, right up until the moment he died. he had no hate in him. >> right. >> no cynicism about our government and our country. >> as doris said, he became
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? >> contributions from donors. >> how is c-span funded? america's cable companies created c-span as a public service, a private business initiative. no government mandate, no government money. >> now a discussion on the obama administration's trade policy. panelists look at the white house's positions on protectionism, the world trade organizations and trade agreements with columbia, panama and south korea. from the american enterprise ina&ç in washington, this is an hour and 45 minutes. >> good morning. i'm a resident scholar here at the american enterprise institute, and i would like to welcome you to what is our second annual what the hell is august and we're going to hold a conference anyway. [laughter] >> it was about -- somebody reminded me of this morning. it was just a year ago -- two weeks after the collapse, the fifth or sixth collapse of the doha round talks we decide well, we really should take a look at what happened and maybe not wait until september and we're thinking what the hell is -- are we just going to have a couple of us sitting around the table because will anybody be here? w
. >> for all my years in public life, i have believed that america must sail towards the shores of liberty and justice for all. >>> teddy. let's play "hardball." >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in new york. ted kennedy was the last hurrah, the big baritone out there demanding justice for the left out people, the african-americans, native americans, the old person, the immigrant family that wanted to be american. the sick scared person waiting in the er for hours with something really wrong. why would a big looking guy like him, a rich guy, spend his life worrying about the people left out? was it tribal memory of his own people left out, sent away, told to go back where they came from? was it those old boston signs that said, irish need not apply? what was it that made health care such a crusade for this guy? who do you know who has a broken back who spends his life and time thinking about other people's troubles? was it because his older trouble was secretly sick most of his life? bobby liked to say of him if a mosquito ever bit jack, it was the mosquito that would die. was it his si
america pape little soft in western europe and japan. otherwise, pretty good in the cell phone business. >> asia, that's definitely the key. we're going to get into asia, china, really where the growth is in the world as we continue for the hour. let's take a look at where we stand as we approach this final stretch here. and the numbers are looking like this. 9528 on the dow jones industrial average, down about 1 points, although as i mentioned earlier we did have fresh highs for the year earlier in the day about 10:00 a.m. eastern. down just a fraction on the dow. banks are mixed and the winners on the day actually are the home builders and the retailers. really the groups that are most closely associated with an economic recovery. nasdaq is down today four points lower, about a quarter of a percent on the nasdaq. it too pulling back from the highs reached earlier in the day p and the s&p 500 right now down about two points, sitting right now at 1,026. let's get to aur team covering the market here at the nyse as well as around the horn, and we kick it off of course with bob pisani dow
emphasize peaceful -- revolt in america. >>> plus, tonight's newsmaker, the world champion runner being asked to prove that she is not a he. >> -- bringing it home. >> will a gender test be enough to silence critics once and for all? >>> hi, everybody, those are our big questions tonight, but we're going to start as we always do with "the mash-up" a look at all of the stories making an impact right now. the moments you may have missed today. we're watching it all so you don't have to. and tonight's big news, deficits as far as the eye can see. the white house announcing the big beast even bigger than they had feared. check out the new projection that $9 trillion, people, that would be twelve zeros. >> a cloud of bad economic news and a forecast of more to come. >> skyrocketing national debt. the latest estimates add $2 trillion to projections made as recently as february. >> what we know is we're spending way, way more every single month than we're taking in. >> the bottom line on america's ballooning budget deficit. >> it means you're going to ultimately be paying higher taxes. >> if y
. >> woodruff: senator edward kennedy, patriarch of america's best-known political family, often called the "liberal lion" of the senate, died at his home in hyannis port, massachusetts, last night after battling brain cancer for a little more than a year. during his 46 year tenure in washington, he pushed for legislation on education, poverty and health care. today he was widely remembered as a gifted leader and legislator. we begin our coverage with the personal memories of one of his closest friends in the senate, republican orrin hatch of utah. >> senator thank you very much for talking with us. >> so nice to be with you, judy. >> woodruff: what are you thinking and feeling on this day? >> naturally, i'm griefing. i knew ted was going to die but i prayed for him every day hoping for a miracle. i chatted with his wife, vicki, this morning and she of course was broken up but she was very, very kind and nice as she really is. i'm going to miss that man. we-- we-- i went back there to fight ted kennedy, and i think we fought each other for all of my 33 years, but when we got together, w
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of america. stay with us. óçfa fa >>> welcome back. ted kennedy was in the senate longer than most americans have been alive. part of a family tradition, shipping american politics for more than half a century. gary has that legacy. >> his brother, john, set the tone in a more innocent time. >> ask what you can do for your country. >> a call for energetic involvement in public life. >> all of the kennedys left the message saying, you can make a difference, you can make the country a better place. >> idealists responded. and the world did change, bruce morton watched it change. >> you think back to 1960 when john kennedy ran, the south was segregated, blacks couldn't vote. we come a long way. >> got there before we knew who the beetles were, stayed there when the idealism was wounded by assassination. the belief in government, its leaders was wounded too. vietnam, nixen, watergate. kennedy's friend, thomas. >> if you are putting that faith in politicians or in princes and kings, you are ultimately going to be disappointed because nobody can make your life better than you. > some of th
, for america he was a defender of a dream. >> hearts of praise from the president. >> he became one of the greatest senators. -- words of praise from president obama. >> mr. obama ordered flags at half staff from the white house to the capital. vice-president joe biden and remembered his close friend and colleague of more than 30 years. >> for 36 years i had the privilege of going to work and sitting next to him. and being a witness to history every single day. i would not be standing here were it not for ted kennedy. >> he was affectionately known as the liberal line and offered more than 2500 bills from civil rights to health care. >> he was important to the public policy of this country. >> it was this feeling of strength and power that went with his humanity that made him such a great senator. >> he is also drawing plenty of accolades from his republican colleagues. mitch mcconnell said his life was truly momentous. john mccain said he was irreplaceable. back to you. >> i hear is not just current lawmakers reacting to his passing but we are also hearing from several former presi
the media-inspired gloom. they know america is coming out of the this morass, that business is coming back, that the firings have at last run their course, and, yes, the hirings are beginning. these are fabulous reasons to bake a cake. you just have to kind of put it to work, you know? that's enough of that. anyway, but why an oreo cake? because oreo standing for other real estate owned, as opposed to high drox, they dunked better. when you think of housing stabilizing and going up, because the fed is going to stay steady, when the consumer is feeling frisky, you want to own the stocks of companies that own the most houses. would it be toll brothers, lenary? no, no, no, the biggest owners of home builders are banks. bank of america, wells fargo, jpmorgan, courtesy of the o.r.e.o. portfolios. we're in the cycle where they're going up in value, where demand is so high and inventory is so low, you want to be invested in companies that own homes. who owns more than bank of america, courtesy of countrywide, wells fargo courtesy of golden west. these guys own whole zip codes of homes. nobody got
:30 in the morning. >> he was a guardian for his family and for america he was the defender of a dream. >> ted kennedy was elected to the senate in 1962, winning the seat vacated by his brother john. within six years, he inherited the family maniple -- mantle after the assassination of both of his brothers. biographers say he struggled with the family name and his own demons. the death of a friend near chappaquiddick with kennedy behind the wheel is a part of his personal history. his bid for the president's seat ended in defeat to jimmy carter. >> the work goes on, because endures, the pope still lives, and the dream shall never die. >> at kennedy is remembered as the lion of the senate. >> that every american, north, south, east, west, young, old, get decent, quality health care as a fundamental right and not a privilege. >> aides to barack obama call kennedy's endorsement in 2008 pivotal. >> i am proud to stand with him here today and offer my help, offer my voice, offer my energy, my commitment to make barack obama the next president of the united states. >> today, as leaders around the wo
, a torchbearer for america's most famous political dynasty. his endorsement of barack obama was a defining moment in a campaign. he was the youngest of four sons born to the millionaire industrialist joe kennedy. all three of his brothers met a violent deaths. john as u.s. president, bobbie, a former attorney general, were assassinated. ted followed his brother's into politics. the youngest man ever elected to the senate at 30. >> my decision to run for the united states senate is based upon the conviction that i can best serve the people of massachusetts. >> six years later, the youngest ever senate majority whip. supporters of the kennedy clan once again looking to the white house. then came another tragedy. he drove his car off a bridge, killing a young woman passenger. he did not report the accident until the following day, only after consulting his lawyers. he was cleared of all charges, but the suspicion of the cover- up tainted the rest of his career. >> there is no truth whatever to the widely circulated suspicions of immoral conduct that have been leveled at my behavior and hers regardin
of a dynamic family dynasty that's captured america's attention for more than a half century. tributes poured in today for a towering figure in american politics. residents and visitors in hyannis port left flowers for senator kennedy near the family compound. a summer haven. now in grief along with the nation. >> regardless of what people thought about his political ideas, they are going to hurt. because they loss a great guy. >> reporter: at the family compound, a steady stream of family members. kennedy's children and wife vickie released a statement saying that we have lost the irreplaceable center of our family and joyous light in our lives. and in the political realm, rivals and colleagues are remembering a fierce and influential senator. >> outpouring of love, gratitude, and fond memories to which we have all borne witness is a testament to the way the singular figure in american history touched so many lives. >> reporter: kennedy was a champion of causes in legislation that permeates nearly every facet of american life. from civil rights to equal pay and greatest passion, health care.
anyone in america has come to at. it's quiet and full of mementos, marking his 46-year career. during that time, kennedy went from jfk's little brother to the senate's last liberal lion. proof of how big an impact he made. he was behind more than 2500 bills during his time in washington, 300 enacted into law. tom fit gerald has more on his legacy. >> reporter: it's hard to imagine when he first entered in 1962 as a 30-year-old, words like inexperience and neofight were used to describe him. -- neophyte describe him. his death is at the center of a fiery debate. >> this is the cause of my life. >> reporter: for senator kennedy, healthcare reform was more than an issue. >> we will break the old gridlock and guarantee that every american north, south, east, west, young, old, will have -- [ indiscernible ] and quality healthcare as a fundamental right and not a privilege. >> reporter: it was a battle he waged for more than 40 years. >> i said it in 1980, i say it in 1982 and i will continue to say it until it comes true. >> his interest in healthcare p predated his career. >> he got sensi
decades. last year he helped president obama get elected. today the president said america has lost "a great leader." digital correspondent armando trull begins our coverage. he's live on captiol hill. armando? >> reporter: ted kennedy was the third longest serving senator in american history. for 46 1/2 years, he fought countless political battles hoar on captiol hill, winning his share of them and in doing so he leaves a legacy that has touched the lives of millions of americans. when ted kennedy took over the senate seat left vacant by his brother's election to the presidency in ' 62 he never suspect head would be among the longest-lasting senators in american history. a legislative record of 47 years, which influenced education, civil rights, immigration and health care and earned him the respect of presidents. >> the life of senator edward m. kennedy has made a difference for all of us. >> reporter: he called himself the liberal senator from massachusetts and the political opponents he faced down couldn't help but give him respect. >> he is a fabulous united states senator. when
, karen. the museum here in washington is a place where america is most historic news events are chronicle. senator edward kennedy's death is a part of that history. armando trull had a chance to talk about the man of the liberal lion of the senate. >> as news made headlines and filled tv screens, the initial reaction from some followed by the realization that an era in american history had ended. >> he was someone who had strong principles that he believed in and which was unusual for many current legislators. >> he was remembered by those he met during his 46 1/2 yearlong senate career. >> it is exciting. i was in first grade at the time. it was a real honor to have him come to our house. >> everybody knows him. >> and by those who knew of his achievements of the liberal lion of the senate. >> he led the way for civil rights, american disabilities act and a lot of people that didn't have the opportunity to speak. he spoke for them. >> reporter: some people were harsh over the one event that may have cost him the presidency and a young woman her life. the 1969 accident where a wom
of one of america's most liberal families. the liberal lion of the senate, he was considered one of the most defective lawmakers of the past few decades and senator edward kennedy held the torch for a new generation of leaders with his endorsement of president barack obama's presidential bid. >> i believe a wave of change is moving across america if we do not turn aside and we dare to set our course for the shores of hope. we, together, will go beyond the divisions of the past and find our place to build the america of the future, my friend, i ask you to join in this historic journey to have the courage to choose change. it's time again for a new generation of leadership, it is time now for barack obama. >> president obama paid tribute to senator kennedy in a statement just a short while ago. >> the outloving of pride, gratitude and fond memories is testament to the way this figure in american history touched so many lives. his ideas and ideals are stamped on scores of laws and reflected in millions of lives. seniors who know dignity and families that know new opportunity and in
, and in all, who can pursue their dreams in an america that's more equal and more just including myself. >> and also, others this morning, the political contributor here, peter fin rked with him in '62 during the campaign. he also remembered him as someone that was compassionate, a great human being to those around him. >> when anybody got sick, his was t first call and when a family tragedy hit, he was there. he felt he knew it. >> now, reaction is pour anything froaround the world today. harry reed says that the liberal lion's mighty roar may fall silent, but his dreams my never die. he promises to push for the health care reform and california governor, arnold schwarzenegger says he taught us that public service is a way of life. gordon brown says that even facing illness and death, he never stopped fighting for the cares of his life's worth. the best tribute is a renewed vigor. and now, he's been working on health care reform and the senate's top democrat i harry reed promised they'll carry the torch and push forward to make it a reallity. >>> and he made the health care reform a li
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